Functions of Attorney

The Counsel for the Professional Courts of Law that, so fundamental, and exclusively in the litigio represents its clients above the courthouse and courts, that once the inside of your frame estatutario eficazmente collaborates with the public system of justice, legal and formal sirviendo Connection between Courts and logging them into citizens incursos provokes judicial abreviando technically these steps of the procedural acts and for communication. For the latter reason the Laws of enjuiciamiento specially civil and criminal, the establecen obligatoriedad of contracting for solicitors in deferred provokes judicial power.

Role executive

Apart from representing the client and collaborate with the Administration of Justice, simplifying the Improvement of the procedural acts and for communication (as requerimientos logging, notifications, and emplazamientos quotations) ejercen main functions in a satellite by pressing the so-called court, within which facilitan necesarios the culmination of the procedures for Implementation of the judgments (Cars and judgments of the JUDGES and magistrados, secretarios and Decrees of the court), and in the way special ejecutan Lock and ACHIEVE POLLUTION patrimonios in pursuance of the judgments .


For the latter finalidad reaches court, the Attorney General of the Courts that the specialist takes a cabo las necesarias para ello Jurídicas actions, such as payments tributarias (of taxes and Tasas documentados jurídicos of acts and judicial), inscriptions on Registros públicos (the property , Real furniture, civil, patent, etc..) depósitos and secuestros Patrimoniales, lanzamientos, Tomas y saneamiento in possession of qualifications, or publication of edicts in Boletines and press officer, and the connection of obtaining it, and perfecting of All that, with the courthouse and courts in them which is sustancian them litigios correspondientes.


This figure shows them in several different profiles ordenamientos at which possesses distinct attributes.


In Spain, the Court Counsel for the Licenciado in Law who enrolled in the College of Lawyers, ejerce the Representation of the parties on procedural litigio above the courthouse and the Courts.


It encargo to represent your client or Juzgado above the court, in its name recibiendo cuantas Sean precisas notifications for the development of the process. In this way the development of the process to expedite judicial evitando Deba-show that the debtor constantemente Juzgado or above the Court to be notified of the different resolutions that govern the Judicial Process.


Work in close relationship with the Advocate. In many procedimientos its mandatory and compulsory judicial intervention, without which the debtor in terms I can own them deferred ante Courts. No obstante, there were few procedimientos court that the debtor does not require representation by Attorney sea.


The attorney is the garante for the Protection of Equality ante complejidad parts of the legal processes so that they do not miss your chance to poderdante ejercer of its rights (to carry out these procedures deadline, interposición resource evitando the Time-bar of the procedural opportunities).


The attorney le corresponde velar por NORMALCY of the process, evitando delay and that they can obstáculos alargar the procedure.


In Spain, until the procedural reform Created by the Law 13/2009 of 3 November, BOE, Law 13/2009, in a single market only podían ejercer partido judicial reform with dicha Currently I can ejercer every judicial PARTIES